Immobile Front ImmobileImmobile POV

Daniel Westfield performance Immobile is a reflection on his time spent bedridden. He wrapped himself in saran wrap and lay outside of Anderson Hall for a 12 hour period.
“Last week’s sickness struck me with unforgiving blows, leaving me at it’s mercy. Wednesday night I made the conscientious choice to be temporarily immobilized for twelve hours, 10 p.m. to 10 a.m. Conversely, last week I did not choose to be off my feet for days. This piece can metaphorically serve as a drop in the bucket for the unforgiving realities of the disabled.”

 Lots of curious onlookers passed by Daniel as he lay outside, including a Philadelphia Inquirer photographer! Grab a copy of todays (7/25/13) paper to see Daniel for yourself.


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