Today, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Daniel Westfeild   sat at a desk in front of Philadelphia’s City Hall on South Broad St. He is once again exploring stasis while reading Alfred Jarry’s Supermale, a book that “is obsessed with the potentialities of man and what he considers to be his limitations, with the idea of extending frontiers, pushing the possible to the limits of the imaginable, discovering what might be done by will power to liberate and control the energy of the universe” (Jarry XIII).

Similarities can be found between Supermale and Daniel’s work (performances that deal with human capability). He has placed himself in a public context with a wardrobe that provides assumptions to his daily work schedule, yet he is reading,  the quintessential leisure exercise. Questioning the status quo though is fundamental to the human condition. Here,  he plays the role of the corporate man at his desk, doing something he enjoys. 



photo-7 Daniel Westfeild with Mayor Nutter

It is my hope that passerbys question the available enjoyment opportunities in their work place environment. Does their job allot time for said enjoyment. What if the job world had time set aside where you engaged in fun physical exertion, and on other days you read your favorite literature?

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