Art, Play and Bringing the Outside In



A collaborative project by
Erin Boyle; Concept and Curator
Zac Pritchard; Lead Collaborator

Collaboration by MFA Studio Art students

On View at the University of the Arts: Gallery One from September 3rd to October 5th 2013
Reception, September 19th, 6pm
320 South Broad Street, Philadelphia

This project is the third in a series of projects dealing with collaboration and play. The purpose of this collaborative project is to see what happens when we bring a sculpture that was created to be outdoors and try to configure it to fit into a small inside space. Taking a set of large-scale building blocks that were originally placed on the Hamilton Hall Public Platforms and bringing them inside the Hamilton building to Gallery One will give the collaborators and opportunity to play with scale and space in a literal way. The exchange of ideas, the playfulness of the material, and the endless possibility of combinations bring us back to a place where thinking and contemplating are set aside and anything can and will happen.


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